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The Wetlands (2021-)

This project documents the wetland landscapes of North Meols near Southport, Lancashire. Bordered by the Ribble Estuary and the extensive land drain networks of Burscough and Crossens, the area contains many historic waterways and land management infrastructure. Centred around the River Crossens, known locally as the Sluice, the low-lying farmland benefits from a network of land drains. First dug in the 17th century and one of the oldest manmade drains in the UK, the Sluice drains the water of the vast Martin Mere which originally streched from Churchtown to Rufford. At 3000 acres, it was the biggest lake in England. After an Act of Parliament in 1695, a drain was dug from the mere to Crossens. In the 19th century, a steam-powered pumping station was added. The area today still retains many of its original fenland features and is a flat and often bleak place to visit.

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