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Village of Little Englanders (1992)

The commuter town of Beaconsfield, Bucks is home to the oldest model village in the world.
Bekonscot was created in 1929 and depicts a variety of idyllic settings and scenarios,
providing a unique time capsule of a well-to-do English village of the 1930s. Here,
the scouting movement is very much in evidence together with outdoorsy activities
such as rock climbing, rugger and football. In the football stadium, the ball has been kicked
towards the top corner of the net and hovers over the line - it's a certain goal. Yet, there it has
remained suspended for ninety-one years, frozen in an era before linesmen, goal-line technology and VAR.
Amidst this utopian vision are curiously surreal figures painted with years of Humbrol - their original expression and intent lost with each successive coat. Lone figures look somewhat alienated in their domestic
surroundings while couples look troubled and wary. Over the years, several residents have suffered
accidental damage resulting in loss of limbs and two have even been decapitated.

40 images

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