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Southgate Disposal, Runcorn (1989 & 2016)

The Southgate housing estate in Runcorn was created by James Sterling in 1977 using colourful GRP (glass reinforced plastic) panels with circular windows. Known locally as the ‘washing machines’, the estate was beset by social problems and finally demolished in 1990. Disposal is a dossier-format work which presents my original photographs of the estate alongside architects drawings, minutes of meetings, consultation documents and resident’s correspondence held by the Cheshire County Archives. Excerpts from these archive sources describe the decommissioning phase of the estate together with poignant and humorous accounts of one resident’s anxieties concerning the weight of her waterbed within a prefabricated structure.

Dossier folder, 20 c-type prints, laser prints. 42x30cm

Edition of 25