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The Plotlands

The Plotlands project records unconventional housing estates in coastal Britain. Built during
the interwar period when planning regulations were in their infancy, city residents were able
to buy and self-build their own holiday homes for a realistic price. Several Plotland estates from that
time remain largely intact, including Humberston Fitties, The Brooklands Estate at Jaywick Sands,
The Bel Air Estate at Seawick and Leysdown on Sea - examples of which are shown below. Yet
changing tastes along with crumbling flood defences have left many of these sites vulnerable.
This project celebrates the resourcefulness and creativity of these DIY housebuilders, what
Levi-Strauss once described as the Bricoleur – a person who builds and repairs
things with tools and materials to hand; one who is adept at many tasks, putting
together pre-existing things in new and unusual ways.

A selection of images shown here