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Nothing, Not Even a Bite (2015)
Angler’s blog, Fort Perch Rock, New Brighton

This work documents an extensive unmoderated blog for anglers fishing near Fort Perch Rock,
New Brighton. The content is housed in an envelope containing words and pictures printed as tiny
tabbed c-type prints that are tipped out from their container in no particular order.

The angler’s blog contained many unusual photographs most notably, unique examples of
fish-based selfies. In addition are tersely typed messages from mostly male contributors
who are not comfortable expressing themselves in the written word. Epigrammatic, humorously surreal
and often poignant, these brief textual reflections made the blog highly personalised and
less self-conscious than other social media forums. Viewers encounter these episodes of
reflection by picking up the tabbed prints in a random order and in previous exhibitions of the
work, have been observed to order and arrange the prints as they see fit.

54 loose c-type prints within a laminated sugar paper
envelope, letterpress label. 13.5x29cm

Exhibited at
In Place of Architecture
, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University (2015)

Unique book