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Neglected Dedications (2011)

Constructed from the dedication pages torn from paperbacks left by previous visitors to a
Cornish holiday home. Detached from the context of their original books, the dedication pages have
a curious ambiguity, which is also furthered by the introduction of an image in a vacant
space on the page. Rather than play a simple text/image association game, the images document
the uniquely run-down character of the holiday town but also play off the suggestive text and
faded paper material. Unlike most books where the paper page disappears as an invisible carrier
of words and image, each sheet documents its own transience, evidencing its exposure to light
and handling by others. The sheets present a tactile experience, combining real artefact rather
than facsimile, challenging our expectations of throwaway pulp paper, as it morphs into a
seemiingly precious, albeit threadbare, material. When handled, the unbound form calls for
a different way of reading – and to navigate quickly is not possible.

Inkjet on vintage paperback pages (12), altered coverboards. 28 x 15cm

Unique book