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Mixed Metaphors (2016)

Like cars, inland waterway vessels are registered through a national database
managed by The Canal and River Trust, yet the naming of these boats is a private matter
for individual owners. The folio presents a small collection of these official names mixed
with my own imagined names for some vessels. The dossier is made using a
shallow rectangular box with several elements: a tray of shaped
c-type prints, a specially made print-on-demand spotter’s guide of boat names from
the register (a different guide for each letter of the alphabet) and finally, a litho-printed
postcard made of the ‘Little Wanker’ boat name, which readers may chose to keep
or send to a friend. As such, the non-identical edition is restricted to 27, one for each of the 26
letters, plus one for numerical/ other characters.

Buckram covered three-panel folio, perfect bound booklet, colour postcard,
23 shaped digital c-type prints

Non-identical edition of 27

A selection of images shown below and the letter 'B' spotters guide