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Mirror For Sale

Photographing mirrors is a difficult thing for the professional photographer and harder still for a private seller on eBay. Equipped with a smartphone or tablet, people employ extremely novel strategies to prevent themselves from appearing in the picture. This collection is gleaned from the famous Internet auction site and celebrates both successful and less successful picture-making tactics. Printed smartphone size and shaped with rounded corners, the prints need to be scrutinised at close quarters to reveal the presence of the near-invisible photographer to the reader. In some examples, spotting the hidden photographer is a real challenge. In addition to the mirror for sale, many unexpected details of the sellers' domestic surroundings are unintentionally revealed together with pets including dogs, cats and a small herd of goats. It is only when prints are handled close-up and as part of a sustained sequence, that the reader becomes fully engaged in the humorous concept.

Buckram covered box containing 100 shaped c-type prints. 18x10cm

Edition of 50

A selection of images shown here