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Megabytes of Bad Guy (2020)

Megabytes of Bad Guy presents words from The Sopranos that were spoken or flashed up onscreen for just a few seconds. Often humorous, delivered in an unfamiliar dialect or downright obscure, these fragments of text and dialogue still have an unexpected resonance today. The words are set against my own photographs of the greater New York area, some shot in locations that featured in the show. (Megabytes of Bad Guy is the name of the website Meadow Soprano shows Anthony Jr to prove what their father does for a living.)

See bottom of page for key to words and phrases

35 images, a small selection show here

Megabytes of Bad Guy -
Key to words and phrases

Massive Genius
Gangster rapper character played by Bokeem Woodbine in episode A Hit is a Hit

Sit Down
A formal business meeting between mob bosses

You Bark I Bite
The title of an early attempt at scriptwriting thrown in the bin by a demoralised Christopher

Bra Joel
Dialect slang for braciole or thin slices of meat

Waste News
Title of the trade newspaper for the waste management industry, sometimes read by Tony

She's Dead To Me
Tony's repeats this phrase once it's dawned on him his mother conspired with Uncle Junior to have him killed

Dialect slang for mozzarella cheese, also used by Christopher to describe a dim-witted man

The Emerald Piper
After a botched attempt on his life, Christopher wakes from a coma and describes his vision of hell.
He's stuck in an Irish pub called the Emerald Piper where it's St Patrick's Day every day.

We Invented This Shit
An angry Paulie reacts badly to an Italian-style coffee franchise

Dialect slang for capicola - thinly sliced dry cured pork

Don't Stop Believin'
Song played in the final diner scene

Karen's Baked Ziti
Bobby Bacala's angst at when to eat his tragically deceased wife's final meal.
It stays in his freezer until the time feels right

Kevin Finnerty
Tony's hallucinatory alter-ego in his own comatose dream

Pork Store Killer
The working title of Christopher's movie project Cleaver

Drive Safely
Sign on a roadside gasholder in the opening sequence

It's Done
Verbal confirmation of a successful killing

Christopher suggests an unusual word while visiting the set of Jon Favreau's
movie in episode D-Girl.
What does it mean? asks the assistant director.
Cunt replies Christopher bluntly

Tim Daly as J.T. Dolan
American actor Tim Daly (no relation) plays the character J.T Dolan, a writer
who befriends Christopher at an AA meeting

Snapshot of James Gandolfini and friend in restaurant window, Little Italy, 2008