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Hardy Exotics Polytunnels A, B & C, St Ives

This work shows vinyl decals stuck to the inside of three ploytunnels in a small, family-run garden
centre in St. Ives, Cornwall. Although entirely mundane, each polytunnel provided an unexpected and
exquisite visual experience. Using a large format inkjet three different books were
printed onto four metre lengths of poor quality pulp paper stock. After printing,
colourless UV varnish was appled to the surface of each image to create richer, deeper colours.
The print was accordion folded at a random starting point to create regular sized pages that
do not synchronise with the edges of the photographs, playing with the usual starting point of the
page and the image within it. Each book therefore has folds in different positions. The print can also be
demounted from the board covers and viewed on a table top or reading shelf.

12pp accordion fold inkjet on pulp paper, UV varnish, inkjet printed cover over boards. 40x30cm

Three different books, each in an non-identical edition of 25

Selection of spreads shown here