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The Guns of Fort Perch Rock

This work presents a revised history of the historic building which existed as a common
backdrop to projects by three well-known photographers Martin Parr, Tom Wood and
Ken Grant. Yet for such a substantial landmark there is little information in the public domain.
The Guns of Fort Perch Rock
presents documentary photographs alongside a slightly absurd
account gleaned from the current owner and from obscure local history sources.
Now in private ownership, the fort is continually modified to increase tourist footfall.
The story is delivered through six prints containing panels of five
images and adjacent text. The prints are loose and can
be read in any order.

Thirty images and seven text panels on six c-type prints, enclosed within a linen
folder. 14.5x43.5cm

Exhibited at
In Place of Architecture
, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University (2015)

A selection of prints shown here