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Coney Island (2015)

Coney Island is a folio edition created with a RISO printer to explore deliberately
misregistrated printing as opposed to exactly repeatable copies. Using a red soya
ink rather than the usual magenta created very bright colours in the final prints, as artificial
as the colour in typical picture postcards. The combination of this colour substitution
along with misregistration and the grey, newsprint-like paper, creates
a nostalgic undertone. Nuances found within early photo-reprography create
unique variations within a long print run. These uncontrollable by-products of early
commercial colour printing suggest that an edition need not be an identical, homogenous set,
but one that can carry some element of deliberate variation within it. When different process
colours are printed, paper misregistration can occur, resulting in slivers of pure
colour revealing themselves at the edges.

Sixteen unmounted RISO/ colour laser hybrid prints enclosed within
grey boards bound with calico ties. 46x33cm.

A selection of prints shown here

Non-identical edition of 5.