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Case Histories (2015-17)

To live is to leave traces, wrote Walter Benjamin (1935). In the interior these are emphasized.
An abundance of covers and protectors, liners and cases is devised, on which the traces of
objects of everyday use are imprinted. The traces of the occupant also leave their impression
on the interior.

Case Histories presents photographs of and ephemera from a large-scale hospital clearance
and is a book produced with a forensic approach and a documentary intent.

Collected and recorded from the aftermath of closure, unique ephemera
evidence the patients' existence: clothing, artwork and scraps of messages
are presented alongside photographs taken of the hospital.

The resulting spreads avoid unequivocal statements, but make speculative
links between my observations and the suggestive nature of the objects. These collected
fragments are presented as sometimes joined, sometimes linked but essentially
separate clues to the hidden world of the hospital. Readers are asked to trace meaning
and context from the materials provided and draw their own conclusions.

50pp, inkjet on cotton paper, c-type prints, paper ephemera inserts, handmade
marbled endpapers, buckram over board cover. 30x30cm.

Unique book