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The Complete Book of Digital Photography

Publisher: Quintet/ Argentum 2004

A comprehensive guide to shooting and editing your digital images using a wide range of equipment and software. Aimed at the beginner, the book assumes no prior knowledge of hardware or software and explains all the practicalites of taking and making great digital pictures.




The Essential Photography Manual

Publisher: Rotovision 2003

This all-inclusive reference guide to photography explains, in an accessible and user-friendly way, photographic equipment and techniques and reveals how to tackle all the major genres of photography.

Subjects are further illuminated with practical tips and advice from the professionals. The volume also features full-page photographs for inspiration, accompanied by explanations of how they were taken.

There is also a brief history of the medium, explaining the major artistic and technical developments. At the back of the book there is a comprehensive illustrated encyclopaedia, featuring diagrams and thumbnail photographs illustrating all the key photographic terms and concepts.